Enable your mobile work force with Drak BlackBerry Solutions

Sales teams can receive opportunity alerts immediately and create orders in the field.

Mobile procurement and direct store delivery can be processed immediately expediting your responsiveness.

Service teams have access to the latest work orders and spares supply data.

Time and travel management such as time sheets and expense reports can be done on the fly.

Mobile asset management of both in-house and remote assets can be easily and rapidly performed.

In order to function in the fast paced world market, companies are increasingly turning to real-time wireless data access. Whether your employee is in the field or the warehouse, access to data by wireless connectivity is a necessity.

Drak Systems provides varied solutions to solve your problem of real-time data collection and access, specializing with interfacing to SAP R/3. Utilizing the SAP supplied SapConsole, along with custom transactions, Drak System can provide you with increased productivity through increased efficiency.

Real-time access to SAP allows fast data entry with validation, instant response to queries, all without the need for middleware products. Whether you require wireless barcode interfaces to SAP for the factory floor, or remote access to inventory data for the salesman, Drak Systems has a proven solution.